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7 Ways To Make Positive Progress With Your Skin

Create a healthy relationship with your skin and love the skin you are in with these 7 tips.
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Are you unhappy with your skin? Do you find yourself staring in the mirror and overthinking about your skin? Yes, we all wish to have smooth, clear, glowing, and younger-looking skin. So we are constantly in search of solutions that help our skin look and feel better. But being obsessed with fixing your skin, abusing it with harsh treatments, or even blaming it
for not being healthy is a sign of an unhealthy relationship with your skin.
Skin is the biggest organ of our body and reflects the state of our health and well-being. So practicing a skincare routine is not vanity. It is an act of self-care and self-love. It is essential to cleanse, protect and nourish your skin daily to keep it healthy. But you can’t take good care of your skin if have an unhealthy relationship with it. Yes, you deserve to be the best possible version of yourself. And having clear, glowing skin is one way to feel more confident, socially and emotionally. But you need to shift your mindset to be comfortable in your skin and not let it define your identity. If you are ready to create positive progress with your skin, here are

7 ways to love the skin you are in.

1. Set Aside Unrealistic Expectations
We all have grown up with unrealistic beauty standards set by the media which make us feel self-conscious. The media has led us to believe healthy skin has no pores, fine lines, texture, pigmentation or clogged pores.
But the flawless faces we see in print, TV and social media are a result of digital airbrushing, filters, good lighting or even cosmetic surgeries.
Real skin doesn’t look smooth, poreless and spotless. It has sebum, uneven pigmentation, occasional breakouts and even texture. Setting aside such beauty standards is the first step towards accepting and loving your skin.

2. Stop Comparing
Some people may not have the same skin concerns as you do. By comparing your skin to theirs and wishing you had similar skin, or by copying their skincare routine you are only setting up yourself for disappointment. Remember, there is no standard way to what our skin should look or feel like. People are dealing with different skin conditions, some more severe than others. Our skin is a dynamic organ that keeps changing in response to skincare choices, diet, climate and hormonal
imbalances. Even our genetic makeup decides how our skin looks and behaves.

The idea of flawless, perfect skin simply does not exist.

There is more to your identity and beauty than your skin condition.

3. Listen To Your Skin Needs

Your skin is truly unique. It constantly gives you signals on what it needs to be in a healthy state. For eg, undereye bags indicate your eyes and body need more rest. Redness or burning sensation is a sign you are being too harsh and need to slow down. Listening to your skin and giving it what it deserves will make it easier for your to care for your skin. So build a skincare routine that caters to your skin’s composition, needs and
tolerance levels. Yes, there is a learning curve involved and your skin won’t change overnight. But keep educating yourself about skin health to find out the best way to support your skin.

4. Embrace Your Skin
Rather than focusing on what is wrong with the skin, appreciate its strengths and think about
it as your biggest ally. Be grateful for everything your skin does for you-from keeping pathogens at bay to forming a protective barrier against the environment. You may have acne or dark spots today but with some patience, care and time, they will heal. So instead of trying to look better for someone's eye or subjecting your skin to harsh treatments just for cosmetic reasons, love your skin for what it is.

5. Be Consistent
There is no shortcut to healthy skin. It takes approximately 4 weeks for the surface of your skin to regenerate itself by shedding dead skin cells from the surface. So targeting concerns like pigmentation, fine lines or wrinkles is a gradual process. Instant skin remedies like bleach or lemon juice will only leave you with a damaged skin barrier. So have faith in your skin to heal itself and invest in good products that give you results while being gentle on your skin.

6. Eat Well
Think of your skin as just another organ that needs a constant dose of nutrients to function properly. To have a healthy relationship with your skin you also need to have a healthy relationship with your food.

Eat a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grain and dairy products will provide essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants and protein to build a healthy skin barrier and a luminous glow to your skin.

7. Prioritize Skin Health
In a rush to get rid of your skin concerns, don’t forget to prioritize your skin health. Pick a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip away essential oils from your skin and follow up with a moisturizer to protect and strengthen your skin barrier, Daily exposure to sun rays creates oxidative stress and leads to the formation of free radicals that harm the skin. So use broad spectrum sunscreen every day to shield your skin from UV rays and other environmental factors. You can also add anti-oxidant-rich serum to
neutralize free radicals and slow down collagen breakdown.

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