How to Apply Your Eye Cream the Right Way

How to Apply Your Eye Cream the Right Way

Did you know that the skin around the eyes is a lot thinner as well as more sensitive than the rest of your face? This essentially means that it’s the area where signs of ageing will first start to appear.


Your under-eyes need a little extra attention when it comes to skincare, especially if there are specific concerns that you want to target. For example, you might want to alleviate puffiness, bags, dark circles or lines and wrinkles. so you need to ensure that the eye cream you are purchasing includes ingredients that will give you the results you are seeking.


Now once you have chosen your eye cream, it’s time to understand the right way to apply the product. You see, with application, it’s not only important to use your eye cream in the correct order (we recommend using one before your moisturizer!) but to adopt a technique that provides you with the maximum benefits.



Here’s  our 2 cents on how to go about it the right way.



STEP 1: Prep your skin

Make sure you’re applying your eye cream on a clean face and that you’ve let products like your toners and serums settle and soak in completely.


STEP 2: Take a pea-size amount of eye cream on your ring finger.

Eye creams are usually quite concentrated and thick in consistency, so a pea-size amount is should suffice for both your eyes. Since the under-eye area is so delicate, the ring finger works best due to its naturally light touch.


STEP 3: Apply small dots starting from the inner corner underneath the eye up to the brow bone.

Gently tapping the product in a semi-circle pattern helps to stimulate circulation and ensures better absorption. Make sure you put gentle pressure instead of stretching or pushing the skin.


STEP 4: Wait before applying the next product

Always give your eye cream some time to absorb properly. Wait for at least 60-90 seconds before going in with the next skincare product or applying concealer.


In order to avoid irritation, always avoid getting too close to your eye. Also, unless it’s specifically directed on the product packaging, do not apply on or near your eyelids, as they are extra-sensitive.



Now the steps above are perfect for under eye creams which come in normal tubes or containers. However, certain eye creams come with their own applicators, for example, Lisen Revealing Grace.


This under eye correcting formula awakens the area around your eye by instantly brightening and hydrating it while helping reduce any fine lines, bags and puffiness.


What makes it even more effective is the de-puffing applicator it comes with. With light, soothing pressure, it stimulates circulation in the eye contours making the application a relaxing experience.


For a product like Revealing Grace, you don’t necessarily need to use your fingers as the applicator makes using the product a lot easier.