How to declutter your mind and space

How to declutter your mind and space

You don’t have to look too far to notice clutter – be it your home, office, or even your own mind, clutter is ever-present both in our physical lives and minds. Whether it is working in a messy office or ruminating over memories of the past, both forms of clutter lead to general feelings of anxiety, stress, and lethargy, making it vital to declutter your mind and space for positive well-being in the long run.

Decluttering your space 

The way we organize our workspaces and homes play a huge role in our productivity, professional growth, and our state of mind. In fact, space (physical) clutter and mental clutter are correlated – a chaotic physical space induces feelings of stress and anxiety in the mind too since it serves as a constant reminder to the brain of all pending chores and tasks. Hence, here are a few tips to help you declutter your space in no time -

  1. Zen up your bedroom – Zen focuses on achieving calmness and tranquility to your space by adding neutral colors to walls and utilizing relaxing lighting systems. Also, create a stress-free ambience by adding plants, such as bamboo and lavender, for an added element of freshness.  
  1. Clean your cabinet – Instead of hoarding various skincare/makeup products, stick to the basics that will give you the benefits of skin care without the mess. Cannot decide which products to get rid of? The general rule is that if you have not picked it up in the past 3-6 months, chances are you are not going to use it and so, in the bin it goes! Ensure to keep the basics – moisturizer and sunscreen – for your year’s needs and throw away any products past the expiration date. 
  1. Digitize your notes and documents – Declutter your desk by scanning and uploading digital copies of any notes and documents; moreover, allocate a separate desk section only for your stationery products.  

Decluttering your mind 

Just like decluttering your space can improve your mental well-being, taking moments for mental clarity is equally important for better mental health. You can engage in mindful practices such as – 


  1. Maintaining a journal – Writing things in a journal helps put the inner chatter in your mind in perspective and helps you return to reality whilst also healthily dealing with your emotions. We recommend penning down your thoughts every morning and night to help boost self-confidence.   
  1. Practice repeating positive affirmations: Positive affirmations are positive statements to be said out loud (preferable in front of a mirror) every day to help boost self-confidence. For instance:  
  • I am grateful for everything I have 
  • I am full of loving, healthy, positive and prosperous thoughts  
  • I love my skin and treat it with respect 
  1. Develop a skin care routine– Engaging in self-care practices, such as a skin care routine, acts as an additional opportunity for mindfulness. Honoring your skin helps decrease stress levels while also nourishing your skin! 

In an age filled with the distractions of social media and the obligation of work and family life, it is rather easy to miss organizing your workspace or giving yourself time to gain mental clarity. However, decluttering your mind and space is crucial for long-time productivity and contentment. It can empower you to make stronger decisions due to reduced opportunities for distractions, moreover, it can teach essential organizing skills that last a lifetime. So, make it a habit to stay organized and declutter regularly and before you know it, mental peace, sanctity, and calmness will follow.